Dr. Steven H. Cadle, Principal Scientist


Dr. Steven Caldle is a nationally recognized authority on automotive exhaust emissions, real-world vehicle emissions, air quality, sources and sinks of atmospheric particles, acid deposition, measurement of trace species, sustainability, and life cycle analysis. With over thirty-four years of research experience at General Motors Corporation, Research and Design Center Chemical, Health and Environmental Departments, Mr. Cadle specializes in the numerous areas, including: emissions from alternative fuels and reformulated gasoline, life cycle emission analyses, well-to-wheels studies, real world vehicle emissions and emissions impacts, carbon dioxide mitigation options and vehicle recycling research, measurement of particulate matter emissions from light-duty gasoline vehicles, the determination of vehicle emissions in the real-world using on-board and remote sensing techniques, atmospheric modeling of the effects of vehicle emissions, smog chamber studies of reactivity and the development of analytical methods of exhaust analysis.

Professional Experience

2008-Present -- Principal Scientist, Air Improvement Resource, Inc.

2006-2008:  Technical Fellow, Sustainable Automotive Manufacturing & Systems Group of the GM R&D Center Chemical and Environmental Sciences Laboratory.

1998-2006:  Principal Researcher, Group Manager of the Sustainable Automotive Futures Group of the GM R&D Center Chemical and Environmental Sciences Laboratory.

1988-1998: Principal Research Scientist, Section Manager of the Vehicle Emissions Impact and Control Section of the GM R&D Center Health and Environmental Department.

l981-l988: Senior Staff Research Scientist, Environmental Science                                                                                    Department of the General Motors Research Laboratories.                   

1974-l977: Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Science Department of the General Motors Research Laboratories.                                                                               


1972-l974: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York 

Recent Major Projects 

  • Planned and managed a life cycle analysis of vehicle/fuel options for China with GM & CATARC (China Automotive Technology and Research Center)personnel.
  • Managed biodiesel research on Jatropha and Karanja in India, and vehicle emissions projects through CRC and others.
  • Helped develop the ACES (Advanced Coorperative Emissions Studies) program that has measured regulated and unregulated emissions from 2007 compliant heavy-duty engines and will study their health impact.


Ph.D., (Analytical Chemistry), State University of New York at Buffalo, 1972

B. A., (Chemistry), University of Colorado, 1967

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